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Our Mission

At Arkmont, we want to empower teachers and educators around the world so they can share their knowledge with the best tools, the best insights and extraordinary reach.

Teachers are some of the most important people to society, and without them and their ability to pass on knowledge there would be no more advancements in technology, medicine or any other field. Our planet would have a handful of experts with nobody to carry on their work, achievements or knowledge.

We're actually different

We operate a bit differently by putting an emphasis on the teacher-student dynamic, while employing strategic methods to help students learn faster and retain the information for longer.

Have you ever learned something quickly, but later realized you didn't actually retain the information a year or two later, or could only recall some parts of the course? We're working to make sure that doesn't happen.

The Marketplace

We are a marketplace for teachers to pass their experience and skills onto others. You don't need to have a degree to prove you understand a particular subject. Many people in 2017 acquired their expertise from hands on experience with little or no formal education.!

In the marketplace you will find courses about web development, financial awareness, entrepreneurship and design.


Everybody is welcome to join us in our quest to learn as much as possible. There's no minimum requirement to join Arkmont. You can sign up for free and start finding courses you're interested in right now.

Start looking through our catalog of courses to find a course that's right for you!


We're looking for professionals to share their experience (and earn some extra income). If you're interested in getting paid to share your knowledge, check out the Become a Teacher page.