About Arkmont

Our Mission

At Arkmont, we want to empower teachers and educators around the world so they can share their knowledge with the best tools, the best insights and extraordinary reach.


We're Different

We operate a bit differently by putting an emphasis on the teacher-studenet dynamic, while employing strategic methods to help students learn faster and retain information for longer.

Have you ever learned something quickly but realized you didn't actually retain the information a year or two later, or could only recall some of the parts of the course? We're working to make sure that doesn't happen.


We focus on quality providing quality courses and a high quality experience. So much so that we didn't even let the founders' fullstack web development course onto Arkmont—it didn't meet our quality criteria.


We Care

Education is the act of passing knowledge from one person to another. Humans do this instinctively for many subjects, but we have to make a conscious effort to pass on technical knowledge. This is important because this how we as a society push forward and create progress. It's how we came up with medicine, math and all forms of science.

To not care would be to let everybody down. That's not acceptable to us.