Becoming a Teacher

Everybody has a skill and knowledge they can teach people. Here are some reasons why you should consider teaching:

  • You've wanted to do something meaning for a while;
  • You want to change your career;
  • You want to earn additional income;
  • You want to help educate others so they can improve their own lives;
Your reason for teaching might be different, and that's OK. We have a group of established teachers that will help you along the way, and of course we'll be there right beside you, too!

How it works

Payment. All teachers are paid a minimum of 70% for sale. That means if you sell your course for $100, your revenue share is $70. You can create a series of videos, documents and quizzes to help students learn using various methods. You can even quiz students in the middle of a video. And every now and then we'll email them one of the questions you came up with just to keep their education fresh in their mind.

Discussions. All lessons, except for quizzes, can have open discussions between you, your students and any teacher assistants (more on teacher assistants below). We strongly recommend you engage with your students and have open discussions (answer questions; give clarifications) whenever possible. Students learn more when they know someone is listening to them and trying to help them.

30 day money back guarantee. All students get a 30 day money back guarantee period where they can request a refund. If the course is what your student needs, they'll stick around and you won't have anything to worry about! And if they really like the course, they'll consider coming back to you to learn even more.

No cost to you. There's no cost to creating a course. Create as many courses as you like!

Payout period. You will be paid out the month after the 30 day period is over. So all sales for March will be paid to you via PayPal in May. All prices and payments are in USD.

Teacher empowerment. When it comes to managing your own course, we believe in giving you as much power as possible. An example of this is if a student gives you a bad review for no reason, or writes an inappropriate review, you can submit the review for auditing and we'll remove it if it's incorrect or slanderous. And as times goes on, we'll keep giving you more tools to empower you as a teacher.

Course pricing. You can price your course between $9.00 and $999.99. Or create a free course! Set the price to $0.00 and we'll adjust it to free for you.

Course reviews. Many teachers in the past have been worried about students buying their course, leaving a bad review and refunding. We have systems in place to help monitor this trend in case this happens to you, and all students must complete at least 30% of your course to leave a review.

Certificates. When one of your students finishes your course, they will receive a Certificate of Completion, with your name and the name of the course on it.

Teacher Assistants. Just like the real-world, a popular course sometimes needs extra management. You can add Teacher Assistants (TA's) to help manage discussions. Teacher Assistants don't reduce your income and can't control your course material, but they can help with officially answering student questions and adding clarification to lessons.

We'll help, too. Periodically we'll step in an help attract students to your course. This won't be all the time, because we believe you should be in control, but don't be surprised if we put up an advertisement for your course on another site (free of charge, of course).

No surprises. When it comes to working hard, being a global leader (a teacher!) and earning money - nobody likes surprises. That's why we're so upfront about how this works.

Create a course!