Teaching on Arkmont

Our Promise

We promise to always do our best to serve those who choose to teach online courses on Arkmont.com. We believe that people who choose to teach are people who are actively and consciously making an effort to improve the world by sharing their knowledge—and we love that!

How It Works

  1. Create your first course on Arkmont
    Creating a course is completely free.
  2. Add your videos, quizzes and more
    Videos, quizzes, reading lessons, and downloadable files are all supported.
  3. Sell your courses and earn 70%
    Some e-learning platforms give you 50%, 40% or even 25% after an affiliate based sale… not Arkmont! We give you 70% of every sale on your courses, regardless of where it came from.
  4. Get support & grow
    Get support from us at Arkmont and your fellow teachers to leverage your success to create more courses. We already have teachers who teach full-time!

Why Arkmont?

At 70%, Arkmont has a higher revenue sharing program than any other e-learning platform.
Get direct access to your students contact information.
Make as many announcements as you like (just please no spam).
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