Create a PHP and Ajax Login/Registration System

Create a PHP and Ajax Login/Registration System

Learn how to create a professional login and registration system with PHP, MySQL, Ajax and JSON.

What You'll Learn

Password Security


Learn how to create a website login and registration system using PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON and MySQL. This course will show you everything you need to know to make a full login-logout system with a user registration bonus. 

This is a fast paced course, but you'll a lot of advanced concepts that a typical "build a login system" course won't teach you. 

You'll learn MORE than just how to make a login system. Here's what we'll learn:

  • How to use JavaScript and jQuery to create an Ajax request to register and login users.
  • Create a login and user registration system from scratch using PHP and MySQL
  • All the code is on GitHub for you to view at any time (the real code and it's history).
  • Downloadable code after each lesson.
  • Lessons on security and password protection.
  • How to create members-only pages.
  • How to create Classes from basic functions.
  • Secure database connections using PDO instead of MySQLi (PDO is the OOP way, and is considered "better").
  • What to build next on your own.

You should already be familiar with some PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

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3:40 Introduction
Getting Started
9:51 Getting Started with Git
8:50 Login Page and HTML Setup
11:35 Creating the Global Config
3:10 A Lesson on Safely Storing Passwords
10:22 Setting Up Our Database
6:43 Setting Up Our Database Part 2
7:54 JavaScript Form Validation
8:00 JavaScript Form Validation Part 2
12:51 Our First Ajax Call
10:37 User Registration via Ajax
9:30 User Registration via Ajax Part 2
8:17 Login via Ajax
8:47 Login via Ajax Part 2
6:55 Member-only Pages
5:60 The Logout Page
13:54 Creating Functions
8:26 Upgrading to Object Orientated Programming (OOP)
8:29 Upgrading to Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Part 2
6:59 What to Build Next


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Kalob Taulien

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