Free GitHub Classes

Free GitHub Classes

Learn everything you need to know about GitHub from the GitHub training team.

What You'll Learn

You'll learn how to effectively use GitHub
You'll learn why GitHub is important for your software projects


Learn all about GitHub from GitHubs professional training team. This course includes several recorded webcasts with golden information! If you've ever wondered how to use GitHub, how to start a free GitHub Pages website, how to rebase, or why you should use GitHub for collaboration on projects (open source and private), this course is for you!

All our training material in this course is completely free. The only thing you'll need to get started is a free user account. 

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Getting Started
26:38 GitHub Pages Getting Started
32:59 Pushing to GitHub with HTTPS and 2-Factor Authentication
47:43 Administration, Auditing, and Reporting with GitHub Enterprise
59:32 Webcast • GitHub for Project Management
01:00:30 GitHub Review • Exploring Workflows
46:55 Webcast • Leveraging Eclipse and Visual Studio for Git and GitHub
48:40 Webcast • Getting Started with Code Collaboration (December 2014)
46:52 GitHub Enterprise: Administration, Backups, and High Availability
37:80 Migrating Subversion to Git
41:51 Webcast • Git Integration with Vim and Atom
56:22 Webcast • Numenta's Open Source Development Tooling with GitHub
56:32 Webcast •  GitHub Use Cases, Workflows & Desktop Apps • July 2014
44:10 Webcast • Introduction to Git and GitHub • Featuring Mehan Jayasuriya
37:50 Webcast • Get Started with GitHub Pages • Featuring Dani Traphagen
43:50 Webcast • Sharing and Collaborating on Projects with GitHub
01:03:12 Webcast • Your Commits Should Tell a Story • Featuring Eliza Brock Marcum
46:35 Webcast • Open Source Pull Requests
53:48 Webcast • Undo, Redo & Rebase Your Git History • May 2014
37:12 Webcast • Writing Tools on the GitHub Platform
44:90 Webcast • The Basics of Git and GitHub • December 2013
51:30 Webcast • The Basics of Git and GitHub • July 2013
33:27 Webcast • History and Collaboration with Git and GitHub
55:53 Webcast • Drive By Contributions on GitHub



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