HTML5 & CSS3 ♦ Build responsive website from scratch

HTML5 & CSS3 ♦ Build responsive website from scratch

Learn and summarize information about basic HTML and CSS responsive website.

What You'll Learn

At the end of this course, students will be able to write basic HTML and how to style web pages with CSS
You will create website layout you can imagine
You will use common techniques when creating basic responsive layout of webpage
Apply HTML and CSS for web design projects
For those beginners who are in the learning process this course will help them to accelerate this process of understanding


If you’ve never built a website before and you have at least a little bit of coding or design experience, this is the place to start. In this project, we learn how to build a modern portfolio website for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We start with basic HTML and CSS syntax. Next, we learn how to build custom web pages with an image gallery and contact page.
We will learn step by step how to organize structure of our porfolio website. I will explain every part of the code so if you will follow along with me, you will no longer need to ask me anything. BUT If you will have some problems feel free to contact me and ask me anything about the course curriculum. I'll be glad to answer to you.
I'm also providing source code so you can jump in quickly when you get stuck to check the syntax or start you new project.
By the end of the course you will be able to expand your portfolio with different website designs.
Learn the tools and resources used to create web code and so on.

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HTML 5, CSS 3 ♦ How to make a website
3:57 Introduction to HTML and CSS
Fresh Refresh
5:10 Coding our First HTML
5:31 Create the Content Containers
HTML First
5:10 Creating a Navigation Elements
4:80 Structure of our Gallery
4:57 Our Gallery
4:51 Our footer
3:49 Diving to CSS and Normalizing
Little HTML and CSS review
7:17 Little CSS Start
CSS Facts
5:18 Styling, Wrapping and ID Selector
5:20 Centering the Wrapper
3:10 Centering the Header
What we've already learned - CSS
7:44 Using Colors in our CSS
4:33 Using Classes in CSS
6:43 Organize Structure with Comments
5:17 Pick Fonts and Set Relative Units
6:00 Styling and Resizing
Customizing Colors and Fonts
7:45 Styling the Portfolio
3:48 Styling the Image Caption
5:43 Style Navigation with Unordered Lists
4:11 Polish the Navigation and Footer
Styling Web Pages and Navigation
6:10 Adding an About Page
3:17 Styling an About Page
9:48 Adding a Contact Page
8:48 Styling Contact Page and Adding Iconography
Adding Pages to a Website
7:70 Responsive Web Design and Adding The Media Queries
9:70 Three Column Layout
14:20 Adjust the Profile Page and Header
Responsive Web Design

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