JavaScript Essentials

JavaScript Essentials

From nothing to ninja, this is the JavaScript you need to know.

What You'll Learn

Basic ES6


Learn JavaScript from scratch and become an intermediate frontend developer.

In this course you will learn all the JavaScript fundamentals that will launch you into a career as a web developer. JavaScript Essentials was designed to give your transferable programming skills so you can learn Node.js, Python or PHP after so you can become a full stack developer. 

We'll go over variables, functions, hoisting, classes, inheritance, and much much more! To see the full list of lessons in this course, scroll down to the "Syllabus" area. 

You'll also get advice on what to learn next, what makes a great web developer and how to make money while learning to code. 

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2:10 Course Introduction
2:45 What You Can Expect
1:20 Join Our Developer Group
Getting Started
6:39 Where To Put Your JavaScript
11:42 Variables and Data Types
10:50 Variables and Data Types Part 2
13:35 String Manipulation
10:13 String Manipulation 2
2:40 Project #1
5:50 Project #1 Solution
5:10 Code Comments
10:11 Basic Operators
11:14 Comparison Operators
6:60 If..Else Statements
14:00 If..Else with User Input
8:39 QuerySelector
7:16 QuerySelector 2
14:24 Intro to Functions
13:12 Function Examples
9:40 HTML Events
1:59 Project: Create a Calculator
11:40 Project Solution
9:49 Project Solution Part 2
5:39 Anonymous Functions
5:60 Self Invoking Functions
5:55 The `this` Keyword
6:26 Hoisting
9:49 Try, Catch, Throw and Finally
9:90 Scope
5:80 Project: Making a Modal
11:17 Project Solution
7:48 Project Solution 2
10:23 Imposter Syndrome
10:12 Arrays
10:14 Objects
7:51 Objects 2
14:60 For Loops
9:54 While Loops
14:55 Intro to Classes
5:25 Returning Values from Classes
14:43 Subclassing
9:80 Super
5:00 Surprise!
14:40 New Variables: Const and Let
6:16 Arrow Functions
13:46 Frameworks And Libraries
14:23 How to Make Money While Learning to Code
Final Exam
5:41 Summary


Mohammad Abdelgaffar

Hello Kalob, how are you?
Just finished this course and boy what a great explained course.
It's simple and easy to understand but also great and strong.
Arigatou Gozaimasu Sensei for this course and I'm looking forward for more courses with you.

R. R Zea

R. R Zea

Great course and great teacher. Really easy to understand. Thanks

Nemanja Bojanic

Hey Kalob! I just want say to you, that you are awesome teacher. To be more precise, you are behave like a relative, who want to guide us to success. Thank you very much for that! :D I have one suggestion for this course, and that is to make a video for "switch" statement. Cheers! :)

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Kalob Taulien

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