The Ultimate Web Developer How To Guide

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Teachers: Laurence Svekis

About: 19½ hours, 281 lessons, Certificate of Completion

The Premier Web development Course. EVERYTHING web creation.

Regular content updates and new material. One stop place to learn web development!

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30 day moneyback guarantee

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The Premier Web development Course. EVERYTHING web creation.

Regular content updates and new material. One stop place to learn web development!

Did you know that you can make an extra income online by learning the skills presented in this course! Whether you want to earn extra income, change your career or want to launch your own web business this is the course for you. You can begin to earn money online by while you're learning and practicing web development.

We teach you the skills you need to succeed.

Everything you need to know to create your own websites and web applications, easy to follow complete course. Creating websites give you freedom to express you creativity, launch a business and a whole lot more.

I've been a web developer for over 14 years, and I wanted to create a course that has it all, answers all of your questions about starting off and gives you the base to launch your own successful web creations.

This course is designed to have important information to everyone of all levels, we include source code, practice exercises, challenges, quizzes, resources, examples, samples and everything else in between. I want you to be able to take this course and gain a solid understanding of how to create your own websites. This course is designed to be effective at teaching and stressing the important aspects and common goals to create websites.

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to proceed with your own goals.

We are also planning on having regular updates, if you find something isn't covered or you want more information let me know and I will help. I'm committed to creating a premier course that is designed to help.

We cover everything in an easy to follow format.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP

We have a full 30 day money back guarantee. Content is designed to be effective and clear.

We walk you through step by step with detailed explanations of code and more.

  • quick lessons get right to the point
  • fully covered topics with real world examples
  • source files downloadable to work along
  • challenges and lessons and code samples
  • code snippets
  • Links to top resources to save time
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • new course material added regularly
  • trusted name in education since 2002
  • full HD easy to read source coding
  • quick response support to students
  • regular discussions

Everyone and anyone can benefit from this course.


Module 1: How to get on the web

Lesson 1: About this course what you will learn
Lesson 2: Checklist to becoming a web developer
Lesson 3: Web editors
Lesson 4: Web Servers Local Machines
Lesson 5: Web development web server resources
Lesson 6: Web development resource guide
Lesson 7: Planning your Website requirements
Lesson 8: Web development and hosting
Lesson 9: Web development hosting and CMS
Lesson 10: Picking and finding the best Domain Names
Lesson 11: Step 1 getting started online
Lesson 12: Step 1 - Getting started online
Lesson 13: Getting started online why have a domain
Lesson 14: First Steps to Getting online claim your spot on the internet
Lesson 15: Web file transfer to server FTP apps
Lesson 16: Web development FTP software list
Lesson 17: Web Databases phpmyadmin mySQL
Lesson 18: Version control file sharing Git
Lesson 19: Website planning and design
Lesson 20: Web development Course Resources
Lesson 21: Web Developer getting social
Lesson 22: Getting social resources

Module 2: HTML Essential Training

Lesson 1: Step 2 Learn HTML and CSS
Lesson 2: Step 2 - Coding HTML CSS
Lesson 3: HTML course Introduction
Lesson 4: HTML Basics
Lesson 5: HTML paragraph element
Lesson 6: HTML Titles SEO
Lesson 7: Intro To HTML Code Sample basic page
Lesson 8: HTML Headings
Lesson 9: Intro To HTML Code Sample headings
Lesson 10: HTML div span document structure
Lesson 11: Intro To HTML Code Sample using divs and spans
Lesson 12: HTML Hyperlinks
Lesson 13: HTML adding Images
Lesson 14: HTML wrapping an image with a hyperlink
Lesson 15: Intro To HTML Code Sample wrap hyperlink
Lesson 16: HTML how to use ordered Lists
Lesson 17: Intro To HTML Code Sample Lists
Lesson 18: HTML working with unordered lists
Lesson 19: HTML nice readable code comments
Lesson 20: HTML introduction to styling
Lesson 21: HTML and JavaScript
Lesson 22: HTML forms
Lesson 23: HTML Course Source Code of project

Module 3: CSS Essential Training

Lesson 1: CSS course introduction
Lesson 2: HTML adding CSS
Lesson 3: CSS using IDs to select elements
Lesson 4: CSS spans and divs Classes
Lesson 5: Using CSS
Lesson 6: CSS working with backgrounds
Lesson 7: CSS selecting the right elements
Lesson 8: CSS hyperlinks and navigation
Lesson 9: CSS box model
Lesson 10: CSS box model shorthand
Lesson 11: CSS nesting selections
Lesson 12: CSS Combinations
Lesson 13: CSS and HTML source code
Lesson 14: CSS positions

Module 4: Create a website with HTML and CSS

Lesson 1: Resources for this Section
Lesson 2: Make a Webite from scratch HTML meta tags
Lesson 3: Source Code
Lesson 4: Make a Website Let's get coding
Lesson 5: Make a Website create navigation hyperlinks
Lesson 6: More about HTML learning about adding content and paragraphs
Lesson 7: Index source 2
Lesson 8: Add styling here comes the CSS
Lesson 9: CSS navigation bar design
Lesson 10: CSS box model
Lesson 11: Hyperlinks hover and more CSS
Lesson 12: Web Template updates CSS
Lesson 13: Make a Website make it responsive
Lesson 14: Make a Website forms
Lesson 15: Source HTML index
Lesson 16: Source CSS style
Lesson 17: Step 3 Building a portfolio
Lesson 18: Step 3 - Build a portfolio

Module 5: JavaScript Essential Training

Lesson 1: JavaScript introduction to coding JavaScript
Lesson 2: JavaScript Integers
Lesson 3: JavaScript Strings
Lesson 4: JavaScript Data Types Boolean
Lesson 5: JavaScript Example 1
Lesson 6: JavaScript output to console
Lesson 7: JavaScript working with Variables
Lesson 8: JavaScript introduction to the DOM
Lesson 9: JavaScript Example 2
Lesson 10: JavaScript introduction to using functions
Lesson 11: JavaScript example 3
Lesson 12: JavaScript functions expanded
Lesson 13: JavaScript global vs local variables
Lesson 14: JavaScript example 4
Lesson 15: JavaScript Comparison Operators
Lesson 16: JavaScript complex operators
Lesson 17: Rock paper Scissors source code
Lesson 18: JavaScript setup an array
Lesson 19: JavaScript working with arrays
Lesson 20: JavaScript example 6 arrays
Lesson 21: JavaScript create an object
Lesson 22: JavaScript example 7 objects
Lesson 23: JavaScript Loops
Lesson 24: JavaScript example 8 loops
Lesson 25: JavaScript Concatenate strings
Lesson 26: JavaScript working with JavaScript Methods
Lesson 27: JavaScript example 9 source file
Lesson 28: JavaScript Create interactive Game
Lesson 29: JavaScript example 10 Source code

Module 6: Learn jQuery

Lesson 1: JQuery Course introduction
Lesson 2: JQuery Cheatsheet
Lesson 3: JQuery and the DOM
Lesson 4: What is jQuery
Lesson 5: Setup jquery on your web page
Lesson 6: Setup jQuery
Lesson 7: Javascript vs jQuery
Lesson 8: JQuery source setup
Lesson 9: JQuery Selectors
Lesson 10: JQuery CSS selectors to help identify HTML elements
Lesson 11: JQuery source selectors
Lesson 12: JQuery loop all items
Lesson 13: JQuery source multiple selections
Lesson 14: JQuery selector alternating row colors
Lesson 15: JQuery events
Lesson 16: JQuery source Events
Lesson 17: jQuery mulitple event handling
Lesson 18: jQuery mulitple event handling
Lesson 19: jQuery navigation menu update class on change
Lesson 20: jQuery updated css for nav menu
Lesson 21: jQuery Navigation Menu CSS
Lesson 22: jQuery Manipulating CSS
Lesson 23: jQuery css code 1
Lesson 24: jQuery CSS changes
Lesson 25: jQuery css code 2
Lesson 26: jQuery attributes
Lesson 27: jQuery checkboxes and fields
Lesson 28: jQuery attr and prop val
Lesson 29: jQuery html and text
Lesson 30: jQuery DOM Manipulation Methods
Lesson 31: jQuery before after source
Lesson 32: jQuery Traversing the DOM last and first elements
Lesson 33: jQuery Traversing resource
Lesson 34: jQuery using find
Lesson 35: jQuery find content from iframe update elements
Lesson 36: jQuery tree traversal
Lesson 37: Traversing source code
Lesson 38: jQuery effects Hide Show
Lesson 39: jQuery animation effects
Lesson 40: jQuery animation options
Lesson 41: jQuery sliding effects
Lesson 42: jQuery fading effects
Lesson 43: HTML source Effects
Lesson 44: JS source Effects
Lesson 45: jQuery AJAX load
Lesson 46: jQuery AJAX getJSON
Lesson 47: jQuery AJAX POST data return server output
Lesson 48: jQuery AJAX parseJSON
Lesson 49: JSON file source
Lesson 50: jQuery Challenge
Lesson 51: Challenge Solution
Lesson 52: Main JS source File

Module 7: Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive sites

Lesson 1: Step 4 Knowing the three essential technologies of the web
Lesson 2: Step 4 Make money as a front end developer
Lesson 3: Bootstrap course intro to Bootstrap
Lesson 4: Bootstrap online resources Quick websites
Lesson 5: Bootstrap Resources
Lesson 6: Bootstrap themes fast setup
Lesson 7: Bootstrap free themes online
Lesson 8: Bootstrap adding bootstrap to your site
Lesson 9: Bootstrap setup
Lesson 10: Bootstrap introduction to the grid
Lesson 11: Bootstrap Columns Grid Advanced
Lesson 12: Bootstrap Grid explained
Lesson 13: Bootstrap Typography HTML5 Code defaults
Lesson 14: Bootstrap tables
Lesson 15: Bootstrap table source
Lesson 16: Bootstrap Forms and Buttons
Lesson 17: Bootstrap sample form code
Lesson 18: Buttons and button makers
Lesson 19: Bootstrap Nav Navbar and navigation
Lesson 20: Bootstrap navigation sample
Lesson 21: Bootstrap starter template
Lesson 22: Bootstrap Components Glyphicons
Lesson 23: Bootstrap Components and more
Lesson 24: Bootstrap resources from course
Lesson 25: Bootstrap JavaScript
Lesson 26: Bootstrap website in 5 minutes
Lesson 27: Bootstrap Course Resources

Module 8: Learning PHP

Lesson 1: Step 5 Dynamic Databases Constructor Languages LAMP
Lesson 2: Step 5 - Back-end Web development Databases
Lesson 3: PHP setup local host for server side scripting
Lesson 4: PHP setup config install
Lesson 5: PHP information
Lesson 6: PHP Outputting content
Lesson 7: PHP server variables comments
Lesson 8: PHP errors and syntax
Lesson 9: PHP variables output variables quotes and more
Lesson 10: PHP Types Variables and Quotes
Lesson 11: PHP operators
Lesson 12: PHP operators source code
Lesson 13: PHP variable type conversion operators
Lesson 14: PHP conditional statements else if
Lesson 15: PHP if else switch statements
Lesson 16: PHP switch statement
Lesson 17: Source Code Statements
Lesson 18: PHP loops do while
Lesson 19: PHP Loop examples
Lesson 20: PHP loops
Lesson 21: Source Code Do while
Lesson 22: PHP learning about arrays
Lesson 23: PHP adding to array
Lesson 24: PHP array functions
Lesson 25: Source Code Arrays
Lesson 26: PHP arrays
Lesson 27: PHP Challenge recreate alternating row colors
Lesson 28: Challenge 1 HTML
Lesson 29: PHP solution alternating colors code snippet
Lesson 30: Challenge 1 Solution code
Lesson 31: PHP Functions Random color generator
Lesson 32: Functions Random Background Source Code
Lesson 33: PHP Functions Arguments Global Values
Lesson 34: Functions Source Code
Lesson 35: PHP include require once
Lesson 36: PHP require include source code
Lesson 37: PHP setting cookies
Lesson 38: PHP using sessions
Lesson 39: PHP Challenge 2 Count users visits
Lesson 40: PHP Challenge 2 Solution
Lesson 41: PHP challenge 2 solution code
Lesson 42: PHP and HTML web templates
Lesson 43: PHP website template

Module 9: Learning about MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin

Lesson 1: Getting started with MySQL
Lesson 2: MySQL options
Lesson 3: MySQL Course Resources
Lesson 4: MySQL PHPmyadmin create a table
Lesson 5: MySQL connect to database
Lesson 6: MySQL connect Object Oriented Method
Lesson 7: MySQL Source
Lesson 8: MySQL create a database with PHP
Lesson 9: MySQL DROP database
Lesson 10: MySQL Source 2
Lesson 11: MySQL Create Table Datatypes
Lesson 12: MySQL Source 3
Lesson 13: MySQL DataTypes
Lesson 14: MySQL Object vs Procedural Connections
Lesson 15: MySQL Insert Data
Lesson 16: MySQL Fetch Array Select
Lesson 17: MYSQL Source 4
Lesson 18: MySQL Insert array list data
Lesson 19: MySQL selectors wildcards and LIKE
Lesson 20: MYSQL Source 5
Lesson 21: MySQL Sort order
Lesson 22: MySQL joining tables
Lesson 23: MYSQL Source 8
Lesson 24: MySQL DELETE records
Lesson 25: MySQL UPDATE table
Lesson 26: MySQL GROUPING rows
Lesson 27: MYSQL Source 6
Lesson 29: MySQL clean avoid sql injections
Lesson 30: MySQL Source 9

Module 10: Wordpress CMS setup install

Lesson 1: Wordpress Tutorial Download Server setup
Lesson 2: Wordpress Tutorial Complete install
Lesson 3: Wordpress install notes
Lesson 4: Wordpress Tutorial keeping up to date dashboard
Lesson 5: Wordpress Tutorial getting to know the dashboard
Lesson 6: Wordpress Tutorial Plugins Backup and more
Lesson 7: Wordpress Tutorial Settings Pinglists custom URLs
Lesson 8: Wordpress Tutorial Customizing settings
Lesson 9: Wordpress Useful links
Lesson 10: Wordpress Tutorial creating a post
Lesson 11: Wordpress Tutorial posting options
Lesson 12: Wordpress Tutorial editing and updating posts
Lesson 13: Wordpress Tutorial comments
Lesson 14: Wordpress Tutorial create pages
Lesson 15: Wordpress Tutorial custom page structure
Lesson 16: Wordpress Tutorial adding a theme
Lesson 17: Wordpress Tutorial widgets customize page theme
Lesson 18: Wordpress Tutorial working with menus
Lesson 19: Wordpress Tutorial Appearance Editor PHP code
Lesson 20: Wordpress Tutorial working with plugins
Lesson 21: Ultimate plugins for wordpress
Lesson 22: Wordpress Tutorial Tools
Lesson 23: Wordpress Tutorial user control


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What You'll Learn

  1. How to create websites
  2. How to use HTML
  3. How to use JavaScript
  4. Develop online websites and applications
  5. How to use jQuery
  6. How to use PHP
  7. What Bootstrap is and how to use it


  1. No pre-knowledge required
  2. A computer
  3. Desire to learn

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Instructor, 18+ Year Web Experience