Sketch 3: Design a mobile application from scratch

Sketch 3: Design a mobile application from scratch

Learn how to design an application in 6 days

What You'll Learn

Wireframe an application
Design an application
Learn about fast design techniques
Prototype an app in a fast way
Know about human interface guidelines


Join more than 1100 students worldwide in this adventure of designing your iPhone application from the idea to the final design in a very fast way. 

This course will teach you step by step how to develop your idea, create a wireframe and design it in a very quick and efficient way that is proven to work in less than a week. Following the course, you will be ready with your app design in less than a week thanks to the tips and tricks that will get you straight to the point without wasting time with useless, time-consuming processes.

Learn how to design quickly following human interface guidelines and following my method. Be ready to create designs fast and in a very easy way.

Join the new era of designers and start designing and prototyping fast.

All lessons come with downloadable resources that you can download and use for extended learning.

The course includes all you need to know to start designing. Even if you are a novice or an expert you will be able to do this course as you'll have lessons with the basics and the more advance techniques and tips.

This course is targeted for designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, developers or all kind of people that will like to design an idea of an app or improve a current one in an easy and up to date way.

The course is focused mainly for iPhone apps but the techniques shown in the course can be applied also for android devices.

You'll be designing with Sketch but don't worry if you never used it before as you'll find a free course to learn the basics of Sketch and you'll see how fast and easy is to learn and to use it in your daily work.

Don't lose more time thinking that design is hard and not possible for you. I prove that is not!

Course updates:

  • Updated on 15th October added more iOS10 resources
  • Updated on 10th September new lesson about designing with the user in mind
  • Updated on 25th August new app icon template to easily create iOS and Android icons
  • Updated on 16th August as requested, new free resources for your designs were added
  • Updated on 20th June new iOS 10 free resources included
  • Updated on 9th June new lessons added to the course content for Sketch
  • Updated on 22nd April new resources added
  • Updated on 24th February new lessons added to the course
  • Updated on 15th February new resource added to the list to enable you to create quick designs for iOS

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Day 1: Thinking and improving your app idea
1:00 Welcome and how to get the most of the course
10:10 Improving your app idea, ideas that sell
2:56 Designing idea as guide for the course
Day 2: Creation of the initial sketches
3:32 Home screen or how to retain the users in the most used app screen
2:14 Sketching a list of results following the right way
2:25 Lead the users to your data
2:19 Sketching the user profile, the data, the picture and user retention
Day 3: From the sketches to the wireframes
3:60 Learn the proper way to move from sketches to initial wireframes
4:90 The main screen - Where and how to start
5:10 Wireframing app actions
6:70 How to represent a list where the user can pick an option
3:58 How to wireframe detail lists
4:11 The user profile
Day 4-5: Designing the application
6:33 Choosing the right font for your application
3:50 Easy and fast free way to install fonts
4:30 Creating the Home screen, the starting and most important point of your app
10:52 Designing icons for user interaction
8:23 Create interaction flows within your screens
8:14 Design a results view
5:52 From listing view to listing view with cards
12:48 Designing a set of results that draws the attention
8:23 The user profile displaying the relevant information
6:11 Make the information outstand from the graphics
Day 6: Additional App resources and finishes
3:55 Creating an iOS compliant App Icon
4:44 The application splash screen and the different solutions
Resources to boost your designing speed
1:40 Course questions and conclusion

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