Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page outlines how Arkmont collects, uses and shares information about you through our products and services ("Services"). Your use of Arkmont is governed by our Terms and Conditions ("Terms").

What You Consent

By using our Services you are agreeing to let us collect information from you, your web browser and any other device you access our Services with. No highly sensitive information such as passwords, I.D. or banking information will be collected without your consent at any time.

What Information We May Collect

Non-personal Information. When you use Services we may track, collect and aggregate data such as which hyperlinks you clicked, when they were visited, and in which order each link was clicked. Additionally, we will collect other non-personal information such as your browser name and version, device type and version, I.P. address, and which operating system you are using. We also access data stored in cookies from our Services only.

Personally Identifiable Information. We collect personally identifiable information from you when you create an account, including your name and email address. When you update your account settings or information, we also collect that information in order to serve you better. Whenever a you start a survey we may ask you for identifiable information. We may also ask for your birth date, country of residence, PayPal address, gender, and a submitted copy of your I.D. to verify who you are. We never store your banking information or credit cards on our servers. Instead, Authentication Tokens are created to transmit banking information securely, and are stored with a third party company that professionally manages this type of data.

How We Use Your Information

Your personally identifiable information including your full name, gender and country of residence will be used in your public profile. Certificates and achievements will be displayed in your public profile, as well. Your name will be used in discussion areas ("Forums").

Your non-personal information including but not limited to which operating system you are using, which browser you are using, and your I.P. address will not be revealed to the public but may be used for internal data analysis to help us understand which people use our Services and how we can improve our Services to serve students and teachers better.

Identity & Security

Highly sensitive information such as your password are always one-way encrypted and cannot be retrieved. Documents such as your identification are protected through various manner, including server-side encryption. Your banking information is not stored with us and we use a token authentication system to ensure safe travel to and from your browser to our servers. No credit cards are stored with us, either. All banking information is stored with either or, as they are the industry leading experts in regards to storing and using banking information.

Our Services all use HTTPS (SSL/TLS) security to secure the connection between you and our servers.

Information From Children

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use our Services meaning we do not collect data from anybody under the age of 13. People between ages 13 and 18 will have data collected and used in the same manner as adults.

Cookies & Authentication

Our Services will use cookies to authenticate you as a user of Arkmont. Your password or other sensitive information that could compromise your financial or mental well-being will never be stored in the form as a cookie.

Sharing With Third Parties

We don't share your information with any third parties, other than the teacher whose course you've enrolled in.

Information From Old Courses

When you refund a course, leave a course or are removed from a course, your public information and events such as participating in Forums will remain in tact in order to continue providing a better experience for other students.