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Adria Jimenez
Software Engineer, Designer

I love creating and designing apps, webs and teaching how to be more successful with that.

I've work at Xing, Softonic, Honda, Fnac and several other companies creating software for millions of users.

I really enjoy learning and teaching new skills to improve others lives.

All my life I've been surrounded by computers. As a child, my father - who was a programmer back then - introduced me to the world of computing, that marked me forever. Years later, after hours and hours in front of computers, I am dedicated to my passion: code and design.

Every day, I try to do my best to achieve the best result.

Adria Jimenez teaches:

Sketch 3: Design a mobile application from scratch
Learn how to design an application in 6 days
Animate Your Ideas and Design Better Apps
Learn to add animation and interaction to your Sketch 3 and Photoshop designs without writing code.