Kalob Taulien

Front end developer; entrepreneur; online teacher

I am an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada, with a huge passion for education and internet technologies. Arkmont.com is my brain child. I absolutely love helping educators succeed.

I see teachers as the future of humanity.

We (as a species) don't learn very well from teachers who don't have any support. And nobody would learn anything incredibly useful to their lives and futures if it wasn't for teachers. Unfortunately, teachers are overburdened with tasks, and they are expected to put out more effort in less time and always achieve greater results, and often schools get their budgets cut.

Arkmont.com is a way to help teachers succeed by empowering them through technology. We can provide ongoing support, help, resources, tools and feedback to teachers so they can do what they do best: teach. Ideally, Arkmont will remove as many hurdles as possible and help teachers get their knowledge out to more students across the world.

Kalob Teaches: